Wednesday, October 7, 2009

White Plate

Another purple and orange colour scheme. I call it white plate because that plate drove me crazy. It is one of those plastic plates that went through the dishwasher too many times so it is a little warped. I would paint what I saw and it did not look right, then I would paint what I thought it should look like and it was worse. I finally just painted it as I saw it and was done with it. It is not a great photo of it; I took it inside because it is overcast and really windy here today - and cold.


  1. I like this - the composition, the colors.

  2. Sometimes I wonder why we torture ourselves by choosing subjects that are so difficult. This one works well though. I love the composition.

  3. I like the color choice and the way you've kept the dark value to outline the plate. One thing I always have to remind myself is that I am making a painting, not recreating reality and you can do whatever you want in order to make the painting work. My husband will come in and say things like "why do you have that pole sticking in the middle" and I'll say "because its there" and he'll say "so, take it out, it will work better." Always the critic, but he is right most of the time.
    Thanks for the great comments on my blog. I'll try and post some studio updates. Remember with dogs...they are wonderful but require a lot of care. With big dogs, its constant exercising. I think smaller dogs are easier. Chewy would be a great name for any dog!!!lol