Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Commission of a street in Germany

This is the commissioned painting of a street in Germany. It is finished and has already been delivered. The lady that I did this for was so excited that she took it before it was even dry! I am going to varnish it at a later date for her.


  1. Well done Tammy! Commissions always terrify me. In a weak moment I agreed to do a portrait of a friends beloved pets (I am really NOT a pet portraitist!) I am still working on it but very anxious. I hope it works out as well as yours has.

  2. Thanks! It is difficult to work on a commission rather than painting for yourself. I found I worried a lot more about my decisions instead of just getting on with it. In the end I just tried to make sure I was happy with the painting. Good luck with the pet portraits - make sure you post them!

  3. Great painting. I love the "old world" feel of the buildings. I agree about the commission work. I absolutely hate them, because I fuss and worry about every little thing. I end up taking them for the money:)