Monday, May 3, 2010

Iris #1 (green underpainting)

The irises in my garden are out and they look amazing. I am going to experiment a bit with them by setting up the same still life for a few paintings but switch the underpainting colour I use on each one. My palette will remain the same, but I will see how the different ground colour influences or changes each piece. This is the first one - I used a muddy green as the ground - you can see it peaking through in the painting.


  1. Oh this is such a lovely painting!!!!

  2. This will be a good learning tool. I look forward to seeing how the colours change and which grounds you end up preferring. Always good to mix it up ; )

  3. I like this green underpainting. The whole piece comes together as soothing for me, which is what flowers do for the spirit in me. Wonderful work, Tammy!