Thursday, May 6, 2010

Iris #4(blue underpainting)

This is the last painting, same palette but with an ultramarine blue underpainting. My favourite switches daily. What I have discovered is the monochromatic paintings (3 and 4) and the first painting (not sure how you would classify it) have a calm mood and energy. The second painting where I used a complementary colour scheme (yellow and violet) has an upbeat energy.
Have you got a favourite?


  1. Yep! Number 2, then Number 4, Number 3 and then Number 1. A very cool exercise. Could I put a suggestion in to get you to do 2 more (she asked hopefully)? I'd love to see it on a very dark ground (I guess this would need time to dry first) like black or prussian blue, and also on a orangey-red. Anyway - enjoyed it Tammy!

  2. Hah! I am now torn between the three with my favorite palette of colors (green, violet, blue)...I'd be hard pressed to choose, but I'm leaning towards the green. Beautiful work on all of them, Tammy!

  3. Tammy, this series is lovely. I do like the energetic one best with the little touches of yellow peeking through.