Thursday, June 17, 2010

Art in Action Silent Auction

Last night I painted live at Art in Action's Silent Auction. The auction was held at Honeywest, a local restaurant here in Burlington.
Painting live was quite a challenge but a lot of fun. I was backed into a corner, so I could not stand back from my work at intervals as I usually would. As the night went on this room was packed, but I was happy with my composition so I resisted adding more people in to it. I worked quickly, simplified, edited the space and came out with an interesting painting.
Thank you to everyone that came out (including the posse from my street); you made the night a lot of fun and a great success.


  1. I love the abstract quality of this with the simplified shapes and color scheme and as always those big beautiful strokes with the palette knife! You are so brave to paint with people around you.

  2. Oh - forget the question on the other post - I came across it first. It turned out great!! Oh...the pressure : ) I really like the abstract quality of this!

  3. What a fun project, and I really like this piece. Great composition!

  4. A lovely piece. Love that you've silhouetted the people and the tones of red are luscious!