Monday, June 7, 2010

Sandy's Garden - Study #1

On saturday I went to my friend Sandy's garden to paint. I did two studies in preparation for a larger commissioned painting of her garden that I will start on this week - if the weather cooperates. These are rough studies and the first one is the composition that I plan to go with - although once I am working on a larger format I think I will include more than this study shows. It was quite a challenge to work so small; I kept wanting to get into the small details. But doing these studies did help me work out the composition, try out different greens, and just get into the project.
Sandy's garden is gorgeous and everywhere I turned there were interesting views, plants to paint. She may find I am a new fixture in her garden (I just hope she does not expect me to weed.)


  1. Beautiful... I like all of your studies. Congrats on the commission!