Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Orange Scoops

After seeing the paintings of oranges by Ed Cooper I was determined to try and paint an orange. I have never painted one to my satisfaction. After 2 wipe offs and feeling like I had forgotten how to paint during Christmas holidays I came up with this. Not the best painting of oranges I have seen, but not my worst attempt. (Ed you make it look effortless.)


  1. 100 percent magnificent! love the textures! love the composition!

  2. Hi Tammy,

    cheers for the link = )

    I love your thick Impasto use of paint!
    I had a lucky find yeasterday, I went to the local tip where they occasionaly put stuff aside if they think people might want it!

    Anyway I got myself a large, framed print of Van Goghs Sunflowers! Is great to be able to study it properly!

    Anyway your use of paint reminds of his. I tend to go the other way and use paint too thinly! HAving said that my orange pic only dried the other day after about 2 weeks!

    Anyway its a great effort & I like the spoon as well!

  3. Nice work, Tammy! Love your texture!

  4. Love this one Tammy - so luscious, and joyful.

    Great work.

    Take care,


  5. You MUST check out Nancy Switzer if you haven't already, you will LOVE her, she is one of my favs!!