Friday, February 26, 2010


Carly posed for us last night and I really enjoyed painting her. I also tried out a new support. It is a canvas board by Raymar and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to use these supports again. If you live in the States you probably already know about this product, but here in Canada it is new to me. I highly recommend the supports; I ordered them directly from Raymar.


  1. Hi Tammy! I REALLY like this portrait! Sophisticated, subtle colours. That "grey" in the back is a beautiful compliment to her skin tones.

  2. I love your color and texture! I am going to look into this board!

  3. Lovely portrait, all those colours must have been difficult to layer!

  4. Hi Tammy,
    This is a great can just feel that she has a lot going much depth that you captured.

  5. I love Carly's nose. I also find myself wanting to see how she has her hair fixed; it looks wonderful. Wonderful palette knife work, Tammy!

  6. Thanks Ladies.
    Kim - I experimented and made the gray differently than I usually do and I was pleased with it too.
    Myra - You have to try painting on this panel it is lovely.
    Marie - Hi Marie, I just layer, step back, layer and step back until I am happy - or frustrated.
    Julie -This young lady did seem to have a lot going on inside which I think was what made her so interesting to paint.
    Autumn - Carly arrived with her hair down and covering most of her face. One of our painters offered to put it back for her so we could see her face. (and I struggled with her nose so I am glad you like it)

  7. tammy,
    you are a great artist...
    the strokes you use for portraits are fantastic...
    the technique of capturing the highlights, blood flowing underneath the skin...
    everything is beautiful...

  8. I like to enlarge your paintings, because then you can see all the great brush (knife) work going on. Its amazing how you have captured the nuances of the face with the knife and subtle varieties of color.
    The previous post has such a strong composition and the cool colors perfect for this time of year. I know I have to brag, but I saw the first one of this series up close and personal, so I know how striking it is in person. Looking forward to seeing the next!

  9. I love the directness of approach in your painting, the sense of immediacy – of being right there – and I also enjoy your particular feeling for color and the way you’re able to indicate both space and structure. Great work!

  10. Wonderful portrait, Tammy. I really like the palette you used.